Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yet another s3 (Sucessful Shakedown Session)

Since I've been actually pre-occupied with working on the layout to post, I thought I'd take a moment before mt favorite show (The Walking Dead) starts, and share some shots taken from this weekend's shakedown session. Only two more to go before I host a very special op session at the end of April! There are still things that needs fixing/doing (isn't there always?), but that is the point of doing these sessions. This summer we will (or at least should) begin regular op sessions. Instead of rambling on, I will let the pictures do the talking........

Oops! No 1:87 scale lives were lost, and no 1:1 scale operators were furloughed for rules violations...Though Rule G was ignored, and in fact, encouraged to be!
(it WAS St, Patty's Eve, after all!).
Thanks to all my friends who came out to spend a Saturday in my basement!
And as always, questions and coments are encouraged!
Thanks for visiting,