Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rumors of the abandonment have been greatly exaggerated

        Yes, I'm still here, and I can see by doing random "traffic check-ins" that you're all still looking, and I thank you for not placing an ICC embargo upon my blog!

        I finally had time to stop and write a quick "hello!", just to make sure that you know everything is alive and well and still running......Its running quite well, in fact! I'll hopefully get time to do a propper update on recent events soon, maybe this weekend in between gigs with my band (insert shameless plug here) Silent Q -

        In the mean time, please enjoy the photo I posted above in order to get your attention. This is the type of scene I'd like to eventually invoke on the Colgate end of my Edgewater Branch later this year when I get into the "beautification" of the layout as I like to call it. I wish I could take the credit and say I already did something as nice as this, but this is the work of Don Smith who has a great little business called Industrial Models, where he sells exquisitely weathered 1:48 RTR cars. His website is at, and I suggest you visit, if only to see his work and get some weathering ideas of your own. Awful nice of Don to take a nice LV-themed pic, huh?

        So until then, I bid you adieu, and hope to speak to you all again sooner than later!