Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nothing to see here folks, move along.......

This pretty much says it all........Yeah, not much to say this time around, but lest it be said that I have forsaken my blog, I felt it necessary to stop in a say hello......

About the closest thing I have done with the layout in well over a month is to purchase four new Broadway Limited NYC boxcars from my good friend Dave Ramos at his last op session. How does that classify as doing anything with the layout? Well, I put one of the cars on the layout and rolled it back and forth......

Speaking of Dave's layout, here's a few photos to keep ya busy......

Carfloats seem to get everybody talking......

NYC's 30th St. yard

Erie's W.28th St. yard

Jim D. and Perry S. seem to be enjoying the job at the LV's W.27th St. yard

Street level view of the NYC running down 12th Ave, and in front of the Erie's yard

"All the world's a stage(ing)"

"The Hands of God", aka Tom C., aka The Loveable Leprechaun, working the Erie's carfloat

Two Teds, no waiting! Ted D (left) and Ted P. (right) weigh their options, as Superintendent Ramos mans the NYC active staging yard in the background.

Jim D. works the LV carfloat as Tony K. chats in the background.

Perry S. and Jim D. plot their next moves within the confines of the Starrett Lehigh Building, as Tony K. "observes".

Looking down the NYC's "High Line" far above the 30th St. yard.

Scott D., Rich T., Neil H. (being anti-social with his back to the camera!), and Tom C. (hiding behind the pole guarding his carfloat and his gold!) strike a pose for the camera.....Seems that Ed K. is the only one busy working!

So, that's it...Make sure you visit Dave's website at for more goodies.

Till next time.....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Better Late Than Never! (aka "The RPM Report")

Well, here we are, now 2 weeks after the always fun Valley Forge (Malvern, PA) RPM meet, held every 2 years (it swaps locations with one in the Pittsburg area), that myself and the "Jersey Crew" make a point in attending.

It's fun, informative, and a great way to drink a lot of alcohol in the name of model railroading! (rule G does NOT apply!) We'd all attend anyway, but since most of the gang are usually presenting something (gee, the people who come to this thing must surely be getting bored of us by now, after seeing the bunch of us talk about something for the last 3 to 4 "gatherings"!), we'd be there anyway. And the show organizers keep asking us back, so we keep talking!

This year, we got to participate in a Friday morning op session on one of three local layouts, and myself along with pals "Scary" Ted DiIorio, "Klingon" Dave Ramos, and Craig "Mutton Chops" Bisgeier", op'ed on Steve Salotti's NYS&W layout. Steve's double decked HO scale DCC with sound-equipped layout models the eastern end of the RR in New Jersey, and features local industrial switching mixed in with local commuter traffic. Fun stuff. But as always, I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.....

As you can see, Steve really likes the urban action, but his railroad covers some nice "country" scenery, too (sorry, no photos). That, and if you don't like Alcos, you're outta luck!

Now, what I REALLY need to do is get back downstairs and get finished for the April shakedown...Right now, the Edgewater Branch has been severed so I can put two Blue Point manual turnout contollers in with remote cabling -

Talk about the end of the line!

So, until I get my butt back downstairs, the railroad ain't goin' anywhere! Doesn't help that I feel a cold coming on.......Here's to gettin' some gumption!