Friday, September 16, 2016

"Friday is the new Wednesday" or, "Be Pacific, ship Union Specific"

If you're old enough, you'll get the title reference.......
So, this week's "web highlight" is brought to us courtesy of Rick De Candido of Fillmore Avenue Roundhouse fame (you know, THAT Fillmore Avenue Roundhouse! -
I received an e-mail from Rick asking if I had seen a particular exhibition-style layout that was also has an engine service theme.....But there was a catch! Actually, a few catches......
One, it hails from the same country as this guy -
Second, (and third, because I can kill two birds with one stone here) it's the scale version of this engine and railroad -
OK, enough already, it's the English,1:48 scale, UP version of what Rick is doing.....
It's Peter Kirmond's Laramie Engine Terminal!

Watch the video on his home page, and I swear you can smell the smoke and the grease, and feel the bulk of the 4-8-8-4 as it runs out onto the turntable (no, really, you can see it go THUNK!). The fact that this is O scale means that the sheer size of these Big Boys and Turbines really gets the point across that this is SERIOUS heavy-duty railroading! Not to mention the coaling tower really "coals" the engine! Giggity!
So enjoy, and next week, I share some interesting books from my collection that I think should be in your collection, too
~ Ralph

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